Gabriel James was a Minneapolis singer-songwriter backed by a gifted group jazzy, bluesy, funky musicians. Active between 2002 and 2012, Gabriel and the band released 4 studio albums and performed at clubs and music venues across the US.

This site is an homage to a decade music, creativity, comradery, and performance. 

The Band

Jeremy Johnson

Drums, “Piece a candy”

Kellie Nitz

Double & Electric Bass, Vocals


Erik Naslund

Trumpet, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals

Carolyn Koenig Gleason

Keys, Flute, Accordion, Vocals


For 10 amazing years, a VERY long list of exceptionally talented friends and musicians helped, contributed, co-created, backed-up, filled-in, and shared the stage. There are too many to capture them all. Here’s a few: Sam Rhode. Lance Saxerud. Daniel Zamzow. Tim Dupraz. Josh Benjamin. Joe Churchich. Stein Malvey. Nathan Hanson. Owen Sartori. Baby Jake. Molly Dean. Brianna Lane. Hanz Erik. Ian Stahl. Brad Draper. Adam Rossmiller. Eliza Blue. Kameron Markworth. Nick Malbraaten.